How the US military feels about the public: “You scumbags are completely expendable.”

By Dahr Jamail

What if you lived in a country that allowed its Navy to fly the loudest aircraft in the world over your home day and night, generating sonic booms that rattled the windows of people living in a neighboring country, and test new weapons in areas that would knowingly harm, or possibly kill, humans and wildlife?

Welcome to the United States, which has a military with an increasing domestic expansion that may soon be coming to your town, city or national forest.

That the US military knowingly tested new weapons on US citizens (possibly in the thousands), wildlife or even its own soldiers is nothing new. Publicly available documents reveal how the US military has even released nerve gas in public areas, as well as farms, to see the effects on civilians and animals. This occurred during the 1960s, when the United States secretly tested both chemical and biological weapons on US soil, including releasing deadly nerve agents in Alaska and spraying bacteria over Hawaii.


One thought on “How the US military feels about the public: “You scumbags are completely expendable.””

  1. Great country we have here.

    So far where I live we do not have to endure the military’s freedom to make our lives miserable. However, every day and night I see jets flying at high altitudes and I have to wonder just what it is they are carrying and just who are they defending us from. Not only that but these jets use 1000’s of gallons of fuel and spew the carbon-heavy residue into the atmosphere. The contrails are more than just an insult to aesthetics.

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