Get CODE RED, and spread the word about it, or give up any chance of salvaging US democracy!

We Are Live on Kickstarter

To stop election theft before it really is too late, we must come together and make our voices heard. CODE RED can play a major role in that but only if it is widely read.  And that is where your support is so important.
Our Kickstarter Campaign is live–spread the word please!

Please donate. Every gift helps and encourages others to participate. If you cannot donate, you may know people who can–please reach out!

We must reach our goal of $12,000 in 30 days to receive the funds and move forward with our work to educate the public about the very real dangers of secret vote counting on computerized equipment and mobilize our citizens to restore observable vote counting in America.

Visit to get banners to advertise the campaign on your blog! (if you need a different size, please ask!)

Thank you for helping CODE RED get read!

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