Danny Schechter, R.I.P.

By Don Hazen

Danny Schechter, one of America’s best known, most talented, and effective progressive leaders renowned for his activism, and ground-breaking media making, died Thursday, March 19th in New York City, of pancreatic cancer.

Known as the “News Dissector” from his days at Boston radio station WBCN, Schechter was truly a renaissance progressive — with a long list of achievements and creative endeavors. He is probably best known for his passionate relationship with Nelson Mandela, fighting apartheid in South Africa, and the brilliant TV series South Africa Now produced by Globalvision, the New York City-based television and film production company he created with his long time business partner Rory O’Connor. South Africa Nowwas followed by Rights & Wrongs: Human Rights Television shown on domestic public television and more than sixty other countries during the period from 1992–1996. Schechter was also a producer for ABC’s news magazine 20/20, where he won two Emmys and was part of the start-up team that created CNN.


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