Bibi’s big mouth threatening the neo-con agenda? Even Robert Kagan doesn’t want him bellowing in Congress

by David Harris Gershon

Robert Kagan of the Brookings Institute is an unlikely voice to join the cacophony of voices slamming Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, for his upcoming speech before Congress on March 3.
After all, he founded a right-wing policy center with Bill Kristol, worked on shaping John McCain’s hawkish foreign policy in 2008, and advised Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State. However, this is just what he’s done in The Washington Post in a piece entitled “At What Price, Netanyahu?
Kagan’s piece is a brutal and on-point dismanling of Netanyahu and GOP leaders, focusing upon their solipsistic motivations and the unprecedented chutzpah Netanyahu’s demonstrating while tearing at the fabric of Israel-U.S. relations. Near the end of his piece, Kagan rightly notes that, from this point forward, inviting foreign leaders will become one more partisan card to play in future foreign policy fights. It’s a dangerous hand to start playing, and one Netanyahu and GOP leaders have decided to deal.

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