NYPD will soon have Washington Square Park under real-time surveillance

by Cathryn

Early last year, this blog was tipped off that the soon-to-open building in Washington Square Park, home to the Parks Department district offices and restrooms for the park, was set to also harbor … the New York City Police Department. This had never been discussed over years of meetings about the park’s controversial redesign but, in March 2014, Washington Square Park Administrator Sarah Neilson confirmed that there had been “conversations” regarding the NYPD moving into the new building.

Where those conversations went was established last week: NYPD’s future post within Washington Square Park is set to proceed. Last week, Neilson told the Community Board 2 Parks Committee that the NYPD would be “using a room in the park house” for “monitoring videos.” She stated that this “is in motion right now” and “They’ll be in there doing the same thing [they did in trailer on Washington Square South].”


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