2 thoughts on “If Jeb Bush steals the White House, he’ll cut Medicaid, raise the retirement age, means test Social Security, and….”

  1. What a POS this guy is. My stomach turns knots when I see this jackass smile. What he and his crony Katherine Harris did in 2000 is UNFORGIVABLE. The Bush family have become experts in election rigging. I hope Hillary runs a good campaign because it’s hard to steal a landslide.

  2. When a nation’s money is debt, loaned by bankers to people, businesses and governments, it works as intended to draw all value, real property, and advantage to top predators (Bushs), doing great harm to everyone else. When a nation creates its own Debt-Free Public Money, all the needs of people-health care, education, infrastructure–are suddenly affordable: there is no budget crisis.

    The Revolutionary War was fought so that we could have Debt-Free Public Money. As a speaker for The American Monetary Institute conference ( http://www.monetary.org/ http://www.monetary.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/HR-2990.pdf http://www.monetary.org/2015schedule.html ) Joe Bongiovanni’s EconomicStability videos are 4 to 10 minutes each and organized here better than on youtube where they were out of order on multiple pages.

    He says the only thing you have to watch out for with a debt-free public/government money, is that Fascists can still be in charge of the money for themselves, even though the great promise and ability of a debt-free money is to enhance the lives of everyone. And, I keep wondering how else to have the enormous money to pay new engineering to try to reduce the current and future danger of Fukushima, WIPP, the 400 aging nuclear power plants, and a destabilizing climate change for the many generations that it will take. It may be a matter of survival itself for us to know about and use debt-free money as we have done six times in our nation’s past with brave Presidents like Washington, Lincoln, and Kennedy among others. Support and PROTECT all leaders who would do this again for the common good.

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