PETITION to the US State Department from the family of Dr. Robert Black

by Mahmoud Arafa

We are gravely concerned with the detainment of our father and Creativity Colleague Dr. Alan Black at Al Wathba Prison in Abu Dhabi /UAE for what we know to be an infraction involving a photograph he took in a restricted area . It has been 10 days since Dr. Black was detained and a global search began to find him, not knowing of his whereabouts.  His family and friends were frantic.   While we cannot comment on this infraction due to our inability to speak with Alan,  we do honor and respect local regulations and customs..   Dr. Black is a diabetic and his family is most concerned for his health and well being.  He wants nothing more than to return home safely.  Please help bring him home.   As background, Dr. Black is considered a global expert in creativity and has dedicated his life to bringing the power of creativity to change the world around the globe.  He was volunteering  his time to teach creative problem solving in Abu Dhabi. -We ask for understanding  of Dr. Black’s age, health and most positive intent and return him as soon as possible to his family..

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One thought on “PETITION to the US State Department from the family of Dr. Robert Black”

  1. Hello,
    I am interested in making a donation to go towards Dr. Black’s attorney fees. Has any fundraising been organized? I am sure there are others who would help. Thanks

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