With computerized elections, we’re all “voting” for the Iron Heel

Is it futile to combat computerized vote-counting fraud, given the more general disenfranchisement of the American public? This and the emerging battlefield of corporate versus public interest is explored in this adapted excerpt from “CODE RED”by Jonathan D. Simon.

Many despairing observers of The New American Century have asked me whether – given the recent revelations about NSA surveillance, along with other signs that American democracy is deteriorating irrespective of which party governs – an honest vote counting system would even matter anymore.  A fair question to which I believe the ultimate, if uneasy, answer is “Yes.”

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Here is an algebraicl proof that in 2012 votes were stolen on Election Day machines but were counted fairly on paper ballots (early votes) cast prior to the election and Late votes (provisional and absentee ballots) counted after Election Day .

Consider the difference between Election Day vote shares and Pre-election and Late Votes (absentee provisional ballots).

The 2012 True Vote Model (TVM) determined that Obama won the election by 55-43%, a 15.5 million vote margin. Officially, Obama won the recorded vote by 51.0-47.2%, a 5.0 million margin. The following early and late vote analysis will confirm that the TVM estimate is close to the truth.

Calculating Obama’s Election Day vote is an algebra problem. Obama’s had a 51.0% share of the (T)otal recorded vote (129 million). The Total vote is the sum of (E)arly, Election (D)ay and (L)ate votes recorded after Election Day.

We estimate the number of early votes (31% of the total) and Obama’s share.
Total Vote = (E)arly + Election (D)ay + (L)ate

Solving for Obama’s Election Day Vote: D = T-E-L.

It turns out that in order to match Obama’s 51.0% share, he must have had only 48% of the recorded Election Day votes. This is highly implausible.

Obama led by just 50.3-48.0% after the first 117.4 million votes were recorded. He had approximately 55% of 40 million early votes and 48% of 77 million votes cast on Election Day. But he had a whopping 58.0-38.3% lead in the 11.7 million late votes recorded after Election Day.

Timeline of 2012 recorded votes:″

The same phenomenon occurred in 2008. Quoting from the Huffington Post: “Obama dominated early voting in 2008, building up such big leads in Colorado, Florida, Iowa and North Carolina that he won each state despite losing the Election Day vote, according to voting data compiled by The Associated Press”.

But the article never questioned why the anomaly occurred in the first place or mentioned the fact that Obama won the 10 million late votes recorded after Election Day by 59-37%. The omissions were typical of the mainstream media which never bothers to do an in-depth data analysis.

Total Vote = Early Vote + Election Day Vote + Late Vote
TV = EV + ED + LV
TV = 129.13 million (Obama led by 51.0-47.2%)
LV = 11.67 million (Obama led by 58.0-38.3%)
EV = 40.0 million (Obama had 55%; the Early Vote was approximately 31% of TV)

Therefore, solving for the Election Day recorded vote:
ED = TV – LV – EV = 77.46 million = 129.13 – 11.67 – 40.0

We use simple algebra to solve for Obama’s Election Day recorded share. Since we know his total vote, early and late vote, we calculate his Election Day share (X) from the formula:

Total Vote = 65.90 = .51*TV = .55*EV + X*ED + .58*LV
X= (0.51*TV -.55*EV – .58*LV) / ED
X = (0.51*129.13 – .55*40.0 – .58*11.67) / 77.46
X = (65.90 – 22.0 – 6.77) / 77.46
X = 37.13/77.46
X = 47.9%

Romney won the 77.5 million votes cast on Election Day by 50.4-47.9% (third-parties had 1.7%).

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