CIA hired many Nazis! NYTimes “breaks” the story 26 years late….

This story would have been—or should have been—big news back in 1988, when Christopher Simpson broke it in his classic Blowback. In other words, it should have made the Times front page back then; and it should have made fresh headlines five years later, when the historian revealed still more about that shameful episode in The Splendid Blond Beast.
And yet, in 1988, the Great Gray Lady back-paged the explosive news in Blowback, containing (and distorting) it in two reviews: a positive (if short) one, by Herbert Mitgang, in the daily paper—and a very damning (long) one, by Serge Schmemann, in the Times Book Review (whose editors failed to note that the reviewer’s father, Alexander Schmemann, had been close friends with, and a staunch defender of, Romanian war criminal Valerian Trifa, whose hip-deep involvement in the ultra-horrid Bucharest pogrom of 1941 eventually forced him to leave the country).

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