Top US “journalists” helped Obama hone his (propaganda) speech on ISIS

Obama Vetted ISIS Speech In Off-The-Record Meeting With Establishment Media

by DSWright

How much additional evidence is really needed at this point to show that the establishment media are courtiers to power not independent journalists? Well, here is a little more anyway.

According to Michael Calderone at the Huffington Post, President Barack Obama met with over a dozen “journalists” in an off-the-record meeting to get input on how he should sell his war against ISIS to the American people.

Previous to the HuffPo story only the New York Times lightly mentioned the meeting but never disclosed the attendees. The off-the-record meeting between journalists and policymakers will likely symbolize to many observers the incestuous and corrupt relationship between the government and the mainstream media where friends are made, favors are traded, and truth gets buried.

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