More questions about those “beheadings”

From Victor Provenzano:

According to The Times of London, a forensic analyst now says that the video of James Foley’s beheading “was probably staged” ( The New York Daily News, Economic Policy Journal, and IBT, a sister publication of Newsweek, have also reported this story.

Here, then, are a few unanswered questions:

1) Can the death of James Wright Foley be in any way confirmed at this point?

I am sorry for even seeming to be tasteless about this, but one might have to

ask the alleged jihadis for either his head or his body in order to confirm his death empirically.

2) How can a knife edge move to and fro across a bare neck 6 times without drawing any blood? This question is especially essential since it seems somewhat clear from the alleged jihadi video that the “saw edge” of the blade, not the beveled “knife edge,” was used on the victim’s neck. 

3) Is the man in the alleged ISIS video indeed James Foley? If there is, by chance, any question at all about this claim, a detailed forensic study of his voice, and of the alignments and proportions of his facial features, can be done fairly easily on a laptop.

4) Other than James Foley of the Global Post, has any journalist, either American or foreign, ever been kidnapped more than once? In James Foley’s case, he was, we now assume, kidnapped in Libya in 2011 and in Syria in 2013.

5) How can one explain the fact that: (a) the Foley family was initially informed in 2013 that Phil Balboni, the CEO of the Global Post, was “confident” that their son had been kidnapped by the Shabiha militia, which is loyal to Assad (; and that (b) he was subsequently “being held” at a Syrian Air Force intelligence complex in Damascus (; and yet (c) the family are now informed that he has been beheaded by ISIS?

One begins to wonder if the story of James Foley may have been kidnapped at some point and is now being held incommunicado in a PO Box in the Caymans.

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