Manhattan’s latest giant eyesore will have three floors just for “maid’s rooms”

Manhattan’s New Most Hideous Building Will Have 3 Floors Just for ‘Maid’s Rooms’


There’s a new front-runner for Manhattan’s biggest eyesore, and it’s the condo tower located at 125 Greenwich Street that will top 1,356 feet, making it just 12 feet shorter than the new World Trade Center.

The glassy monstrosity’s most irritating feature? Three of the building’s 77 floors will reportedly be just for “maid’s rooms.” Gosh, what a fine city we live in.

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I’m not surprised since the wealthy have always needed a great deal of “hired help” to do everything for them, clean their houses, raise their children, organize their social calendars, run their businesses while they give orders similar to a master/slave relationship: one master requires many slaves, in this case many wage slaves. there is no equality here whatsoever, just exploitation.

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