You may be under “Stingray” surveillance (or you may not, but there’s no way to know)

Blockbuster Exclusive: Investigative Reporter Beau Hodai Reveals Much About “Stingray” Surveillance


Investigative journalist Beau Hodai returns to share his detailed report on “Stingray” cell site simulators that scoop up call data on thousands of innocent Americans, and are used in ways that appear to violate the Constitution and deceive judges, prosecutors and defendants.  Click here for free audiobook download, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

We got the exclusive first interview with Hodai since he published his detailed 33-page report in July, Forbidden Knowledge: Stingray cellular surveillance, DoJ antipathy for the fourth amendment, and the consequences of police militarization.

We open with discussion of claims by Harris Corporation, which makes Stingray and a suite of related devices, that its non-disclosure agreements with police agencies preclude those agencies from revealing the source of evidence derived from illegal surveillance to courts, prosecution and defense.  In some cases, police lie and say the evidence came from a “confidential informant”; in other cases, they use “parallel construction” to develop other evidence that would not have been discovered without the surveillance.

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