What’s really happening in East Ukraine (where there’s no evidence of Russian forces)

War in Ukraine

by Par Jacques Sapir

Kindly translated by Anne-Marie de Grazia.

The fighting, which has been taking place in Eastern Ukraine for over three months have remained largely ignored by the French press – with the obvious exception of the still not elucidated destruction of flight MH 17. When the TV channel Fr2 sent a journalist in Donetsk, it was only to report some shelling, not attributed to anyone (but once), when it is widely known that Kiev’s forces have heavily shelled urban areas. These combats have been described by the Ukrainian government as an “anti-terrorist” operation, which is an absurdity. The combatants in Eastern Ukraine are members of an independence movement, who may be qualified as separatists, but they are certainly not “terrorists”, and the use of such vocabulary is telling a lot about the state of mind reigning in Kiev. Sources of information are rare. The official Ukrainian sources (from the Ministry of Defence), do not contain much as far as verifiable (or not verifiable…) information is concerned, besides roaring propaganda communiqués.  The sources of the insurgents of Eastern Ukraine are also chock-full with propaganda. But they also contain information, which is, sometimes, verifiable. We will cite then two internet sites:

On the other hand, it was possible to gather information from other sources, mostly coming from journalists, either Italian or Russian, who are presently working in Eastern Ukraine. I maintain regular contacts with some of them. From these different sources I gathered some information.

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