Kiev’s forces failing in the East

Ukraine civil war

By Par Jacques Sapir

Kindly translated by Anne-Marie de Grazia.

The military situation in Eastern Ukraine is presently evolving in favour of the insurgents. Before having a look at a description of the operations, we must make a number of remarks.

  • (1) In the TV news-journal of Saturday, August 23, the reporting by France-2 journalists has been exceptionally candid. The bombardments by the forces loyal to the Kiev government, their random character (a hospital and a school were hit) and their dramatic consequences have been shown. This may signal a turn in the media coverage of this civil war.
  • (2) Which brings us to examine the words which are used in order to describe the situation. The Kiev government uses the words “anti-terrorist operation”, which is a shameful masquerade. Whether one approves the insurgents or not, they ARE NOT terrorists, or then they are terrorists to the extent that the French resistance fighters were, who were also labelled “terrorists” by the Vichy government and the Germans. The abusive use of the word “terrorist” conceals the truth. In reality, it is the Kiev government which is attempting to terrorise the civilian population of Donetsk and Lugansk through random bombardments of non-military targets. The difference in treatment between Syria and Ukraine is striking. All things being equal, the Kiev government is making use of the same means which were held against Bachar el-Assad some time ago. The insurgents may be qualified as members of an independence movement, (which they have in their majority become), even as separatists. The epithet of “pro-Russian” which is being used, particularly by France-2, is stupid. The leaders of the insurgent movement have never asked to be joined to Russia. For the time being, they are demanding that their autonomy be recognized. Let’s also remember that, unlike in Crimea, the Russian government has never recognized the validity of the referenda for independence which were held in Eastern Ukraine.

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