Fukushima is still poisoning the world

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Please continue to sign and disseminate the above petition.  

TEPCO’s plan for handling the radioactive groundwater has failed.

Huge amounts of contaminated water continue to spread through the aquifer, which connects to the Tokyo aquifer, and to spew into the ocean.

The very costly system to clean the ground water has also failed.
A new system is being developed, and hasn’t been tested yet.
 About 400 tons of groundwater is believed to be seeping into reactor buildings each day and mixing with toxic water generated in the process of cooling the reactors that suffered meltdowns in the nuclear disaster in 2011.   The amount of toxic water could be reduced to around 200 tons each day with the new facility, according to utility sources.

New problems are constantly being found, or made public- some have been kept secret for a long time. 
15 sample contained insoluble materials not only in water but hot nitric acid! […] They are insoluble; even refractory to conc. nitric acid. […] They would persist for a long time in the environment as well as in living organisms.

The spread of nuclear material to the Tokyo area is being documented.

Japan must face reality.

Please sign this and disseminate.   Dr. Shigeru Mita moved his family’s 50 year old clinic out of Tokyo because it’s too contaminated from Fukushima.  He says many people are sick, the white blood cell count of children is half of what it should be, and it’s getting worse. He feels Tokyo should be evacuated.

The global spread of Fukushima radiation, and its effect on life, is slowly being documented in horrifying detail.   
chronic (low-dose) exposure to ionizing radiation results in genetic damage and increased mutation rates

It’s criminal to bring young athletes and their fans to Tokyo in 2020.   Please sign and disseminate

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