Kiev junta orders military to attack pro-Russian protesters (just after CIA’s John Brennan pays a secret visit there), says Yanukovich

Ukraine on brink of civil war after blood was spilt in east – Yanukovich
Published time: April 13, 2014 18:35
Edited time: April 14, 2014 10:13

Ukraine is a foot in the door to civil war, ousted President Viktor Yanukovich said in his address from Rostov-on-Don, where he has been residing for over a month after fleeing Kiev amid protests.

“Blood was spilt today,” Yankovich told journalists referring to the events in the eastern city of Slavyansk. “Now our country finds itself in a totally new situation – with one foot in the door of a civil war. The Kiev junta has issued a criminal order to use armed forces and the army against the protesters.”

“During my time in Kiev, we never used such methods against radicals or extremists,” he added.

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