Holocaust memorial in Odessa (Ukraine) vandalized with swastikas

Holocaust memorial vandalized in Odessa, Kiev protesters call to burn WWII hero symbols
Published time: April 08, 2014 21:25
Edited time: April 10, 2014 18:24


The memorial to Holocaust victims has been vandalized in Odessa, southern Ukraine. The perpetrators drew Nazi symbols-swastika and wolf-hook. While protesters in Kiev are demanding the arrest of those who wear St. George’s ribbons, symbol of WWII heroes.

The memorial to Holocaust victims in Odessa, erected on the square named after a Soviet commander Fedor Tolobyhin, has been vandalized overnight on Tuesday, local media reported.

Unidentified people painted the memorial with swastikas and wolf hooks, symbols that have been connected with Nazi ideology since the beginning of the 20th century.

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