Western Ukraine jamming Russian satellites, barring Russian journalists

Attempt to jam Russian satellites carried out from Western Ukraine
Published time: March 14, 2014 22:21
Edited time: March 15, 2014 19:52

An attempted radio-electronic attack on Russian television satellites from the territory of Western Ukraine has been recorded by the Ministry of Communications. It comes days after Ukraine blocked Russian TV channels, a move criticized by the OSCE.

Russian Ministry of Communications experts identified the exact location in Ukraine of the source of attempted jamming of Russian TV satellites’ broadcast, RIA Novosti news agency reports.

The ministry noted that “people who make such decisions” to attack Russian satellites that retransmit TV signals, “should think about the consequences,” Ria reports. The ministry did not share any details of the attack.

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One thought on “Western Ukraine jamming Russian satellites, barring Russian journalists”

  1. This is somewhat a disturbing development to ongoing turmoil in Ukraine. I hope they get this sorted out right away and if there’s a need for intervention from other nations, I hope they act on it as soon as possible.

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