US hired Nazis to test LSD (and other things) on Soviet spies

America Hired Nazis to Test LSD and CIA Interrogation Techniques on Soviet Spies, New Book Claims
 February 13, 2014  |  

A new book claims that Nazi scientists who produced chemical weapons for Adolf Hitler were recruited by the United States following WWII to help the CIA carry out atrocities against Soviet spies from LSD testing to nefarious interrogation techniques, Raw Story reported [3].

It has been long known that hundreds of Nazi scientists were given citizenships between1945-1955 and helped Americans fight the Cold War.  However, it has largely remained a mystery to what extent and exactly how Nazi scientists assisted the Americans until the release of Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America by U.S journalist Annie Jacobsen.

The book follows 21 former Nazis – many who worked along side Hitler – who then joined the U.S fight against the Soviets. Jacobsen details the perverse behavior and techniques the scientists carried out under U.S orders in a safe house in Oberusel, Germany, such as giving dosages of hallucinogenic drug LSD coupled with hypnosis to “incapacitate, not kill” Soviet spies.

“Operation Paperclip left behind a legacy of ballistic missiles, sarin gas cluster bombs, underground bunkers, space capsules, and weaponized bubonic plague,” Jacobsen writes in an excerpt. “How did this happen, and what does this mean now? Does accomplishment cancel out past crimes? These are among the central questions in this dark and complicated tale.”

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