All the latest (dreadful) news on Fukushima

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It’s hard to know how much of the bad news consists of new problems, and how much is long standing trouble just now being revealed.   In any case, the site itself is deteriorating- new leaks abound.  The area around Unit 4, where the precarious operation of removing spent fuel rods  from the damaged spent fuel pool, is so radioactive that lead plates have to be put on the ground to protect the workers.  Unit 3 also has a spent fuel pool; it is so damaged that Tepco hasn’t even addressed the problem of removing the rods.

Spread of radiation within Japan is being acknowledged more and more- one physician recommends removing all children from Tokyo.  Spread outside Japan is also worrisome- evidently the radioactive plume in the Pacific doesn’t disperse, but moves in a confined narrow band toward the West Coast of North America.

The third anniversary of the original disaster- 3/11/11- is coming up.  Sign the petitions above, and look for an event near you at

Peace, Carol Wolman   2-14
Situation at the devastated nuclear power plant continues to deteriorate. TEPCO experts are still striving to contain radioactive water that has been trickling between the seams. It emerged earlier that the previous estimates were doctored to underplay the threat […]

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  1. The history of the power of “the atom” has been little more than a series of diminishing returns — if there ever were returns to begin with.

    Or perhaps humanity in our current state of evolution simply does not have the intelligence to deal with power of this magnitude.

    And Japan has suffered from not one, not two, but three nuclear catastrophes.

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