Why we don’t care about the Grammys

American Idle: Why We Don’t Care About the Grammys
Stephan Said
Posted: 01/24/2014 2:36 pm

Grammy season is here again, but never before has it fallen so hard on the heels of Martin Luther King Day. Freedom struggles have swept the world and global inequality is at its highest levels in history. But not one song from the struggles filling our newspapers, magazines and TV’s each day has made the Grammys or Billboard 100 for over a decade. This is American idle.

The Pope is calling for economic justice. Change-making is the dream of youth across the planet. Even the Oscars boast nominees The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, Dirty Wars, and The Square, grappling with corruption, imperialism and revolution. But mainstream music has become no more than a soundtrack for TV ads and increasingly pornographic videos.

With the industry collapsing amidst a cocktail of monopolized radio, million dollar promotion budgets, ubiquitous mp3’s and Youtube, today’s artists orphan their songs off as product pitches, or strip down to writhe on rugs and wrecking balls, while people are losing their homes.

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