A link to stop the nation-busting, planet-killing Trans Pacific Partnership

Use This Innovative Action Page Link and Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership
By Joan Brunwasser

My guest today is the PEN, progressive political activist. Welcome back to OpEdNews.

What’s on today’s agenda, PEN?

PEN: Just the most pressing policy emergency going right now. Despite the fact that 181 bipartisan members of the House have already signed official letters protesting a proposal to “fast track” a purported trade deal called the Trans Pacific Partnership, apparently remaining diehard corporate stooges in Congress are determined to rush this thing through. It’s really quite remarkable, some of those signers I am certain we agree with on absolutely no other issue.

JB: Hold on a minute. What is the Trans Pacific Partnership and why is everyone getting so energized about it? And why haven’t we heard about it if it’s as bad as you seem to be saying?

PEN: We don’t use hyperbole lightly. You are not SUPPOSED to have heard about it. It has been negotiated in such extreme secrecy, the documents around it are so classified, that Alan Grayson has complained he would have to break the law to even tell us what is in it from what he has himself seen. Journalists who have tried to attend the conclaves where this is being discussed have been systematically excluded. They tell us this is all necessary because if people knew what was in it, then people would object. Uh . . . duh!!

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