US labor force declined by 25,000, despite 2.4 million RISE in employable Americans


Chart Of The Day: US Labor Force Declines By 25,000 In Past Year Despite 2.4 Million Rise In Employable Americans
 Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/07/2013
A few days ago, one of the winners of the 2013 Nobel prize for economics, Robert Shiller, warned that stocks are in a bubble, voicing what most people, except for conflicted asset managers for whom spinning the truth and increasing their AUM means a greater paycheck, and the monetary misfits in the Marriner Eccles building of course, know: that stocks are in a bubble. Today, it was the turn of the other Nobel prize winner, Eugene Fama, whose expertise in markets may be a tad more questionable (he still believes in efficient markets in a world in which the Fed exists), to warn about something else – the risk of global recession.

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