NYU’s horrific plan for Greenwich Village—and how you can help us STOP it!

This piece vividly describes a major crime against urbanity—a project of extraordinary ugliness, that will leave a large part of the Village looking like downtown Hong Kong, or Abu Dhabi.

And there are many other reasons to support our drive to stop the Sexton Plan. Beyond its architectural grotesqueness, the plan is an environmental nightmare, annihilating some 3 acres of green space in an area that already has the least amount of such oasis in New York City; a grave financial danger to the university itself, and to our future students, as the whole unsightly (and unnecessary) sprawl is to be funded mainly by tuition dollars—i.e., more student debt (when, as it is, NYU’s students are among the most heavily indebted in the nation); a socio-economic evil, as this development will, as ever, jack up local rents, and so finally drive out all those Villagers and small local businesses that make the Village what it is; and—not least—a civic crime, since NYU (i.e., the administration and our Wall-Street-dominated Board) has forced this plan down the collective throat of the entire community, NYU’s faculty included.

For all these reasons, please check out our auction, find something(s), and make your bid(s)!



NYU Attacks Greenwich Village With Bloated Plan: Review
By James S. Russell May 3, 2012 12:01 AM ET

Just off the narrow, crowded streets of Greenwich Village is a lush, spacious garden of drooping mature willows and sycamores.

New York University, its owner, fights for its destruction.

If the university prevails, two curvy towers shaped like chocolate drops will arise from the garden. The million square feet of new construction are the space equivalent of a hefty skyscraper.

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