Let him out! Roger Shuler is the only journalist being held INDEFINITELY in the US

OpEdNews Op Eds 12/23/2013 at 07:59:56
Let Roger Shuler Go Before Christmas — The Only Journalist Held Indefinitely In The US
By Jill Simpson, Jim March

The Committee to Protect Journalists who are defending journalists worldwide recently announced their 2013 list of reporters imprisoned illegally around the world. As to be expected Turkey, Iran and China were at the top of the list but shamefully this time the USofA made the list as well due to the jailing of an Internet blogger named Roger Shuler in the state of Alabama.

Roger has been a key documenter of corruption in the United States since he took on the Don Siegelman story in 2007 and he has never let up. Roger has recently vowed from his jail cell that he will not retract the statements he has made about Rob Riley, son of recent former Governor Bob Riley. So what we are left with in America is a journalist indefinitely incarcerated by a specially appointed retired judge not duly elected to decide this case who was appointed by Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore known famously as the “10 Commandments” judge who was removed from the bench due to his mixture of church and state but re-elected by popular vote.

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