Holiday greeting from Don Siegelman

From Chris Jonsson:

To find out more about Don’s story go to his web site. He does not belong in prison.


OpEdNews Op Eds 12/23/2013 at 07:48:00
Holiday Greeting From Prison
By Don Siegelman (about the author)

My Dear Friends,

This has been my third Holiday Season in federal prison. If the Creator set a purpose for everything, then I know my job:

To fight for justice!

He has given me a personal, hands-on view of the tragedies created by our criminal justice system. It is not balanced or fair. It is not seeking truth or justice. Our system pursues convictions with an “anything goes” attitude!

The President and the Attorney General have spoken out, allowing changes for some…so let’s encourage them to be even bolder, to seek justice for all…Oh, yes we can! We cannot give up on true justice.

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