Clear Channel to shut down leftwing talk stations in LA, SF

Clear Channel to Remove L.A. and San Francisco’s Only Commercial Progressive Talk Radio Stations, Replace Them with More Rightwing Talk

Non-RW listeners in largest and most progressive media markets to be almost completely unserved over our publicly-owned airwaves…

The largest media market in the world is about to lose its only non-Rightwing commercial talk radio station. Los Angeles’ KTLK 1150am will be flipped to a far Rightwing station featuring hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and other rightwing talkers. The same is to happen to San Francisco’s KNEW 960am, in the most progressive city in the nation. Both stations will reportedly flip to Rightwing stations — added to numerous others in the same cities — on the first broadcast day of 2014.

Both stations are owned by Clear Channel, the nation’s largest station owner, and the Rightwing hosts mentioned above are syndicated by Premiere Networks, the largest syndicator in the nation. After the flip, both cities will be left without a single commercial progressive talk radio station on the public airwaves…


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