What’s the matter with Alabama? Roger Shuler kept in jail indefinitely, paraded into court IN CHAINS

Alabama Kangaroo Court Parades Liberal Commentator in Chains, Continues Indefinite Jailing
Written by Andrew Kreig
Published on November 15, 2013

Alabama authorities paraded a shackled liberal pundit into court, where he was denounced Nov. 14 for recent news coverage about his jailing and forced to argue his case while bound.

The defendant was Roger Shuler, a 56-year-old commentator jailed on contempt of court charges Oct. 23 for publishing columns about a politically powerful GOP attorney.

Shuler reports on Deep South legal affairs via his own Legal Schnauzer blog site and several others that are nationally prominent. OpEd News, Salon, and FireDogLake frequently republish his columns, which are widely disseminated in progressive circles.

Shuler specializes in political muckraking about scandals in the Deep South legal community. The reports often focus on claims that ordinary litigants are being unfairly treated in the courts. Also, he writes about financial corruption involving taxpayer dollars, illicit sex among conspirators and their minions, and cover-up to uphold family values image necessary for election success. Most focus on reports of wrongdoing by Republicans. But former Alabama Congressman Artur Davis and Douglas Jones, a former U.S. attorney and powerful force within the state Democratic Party, have been frequent targets of Shuler’s also.

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1 reply on “What’s the matter with Alabama? Roger Shuler kept in jail indefinitely, paraded into court IN CHAINS”

“Riley and Duke denied the claims, and sued Shuler for libel in July, 2013. The judge took the plaintiffs’ side early in the case by ruling in a one-sided hearing that the articles were false. Shuler did not appear at the hearing or present evidence”

This may come as a shock to the bleeding hearts, but if you don’t go to court to defend yourself in a libel action, you will lose. Further, that someone is a public figure does not mean any idiot can libelously write that they had an affair; that’s a loser in court. The easy way to prevent these things from happening to you is to not write lies about people. Apparently Shuler couldn’t follow that simple rule, and now he’s paying the price. Boo-hoo.

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