Investigative blogger Roger Shuler arrested for “contempt” of (kangaroo) court in Alabama!

Bulletin: Alabama Blogger Roger Shuler Arrested for “Contempt” of Kangaroo Court
by Peter B. Collins on October 24, 2013

Roger Shuler, the intrepid journalist who runs the Legal Schnauzer blog and a longtime contributor to this program, was arrested Wednesday evening and is jailed in Shelby County, Alabama–perhaps indefinitely. Shuler has been sued by prominent Alabama Republican Rob Riley for exposing Riley’s extramarital affair. As detailed in our recent podcast on October 8, a retired judge who has only heard Riley’s side of the story has issued an illegal injunction on the Shulers and their blog, which violates the First Amendment and court precedents on prior restraint.

Following a staged traffic stop, a deputy attempted to serve Shuler with papers; Shuler filed a motion to quash the injunction and contempt orders last week. Despite no hearing or other process, Shuler was arrested. In this update, Carol Shuler relates the arrest, injuries to her husband, and an urgent need for financial and legal support. Please help in any way that you can!

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