TODAY – Teach-in on the crisis at NYU! MCM to speak on the fight to stop the Sexton Plan

Please forward or distribute to undergraduates (flyer attached).

A teach-in for undergraduates and the entire NYU community

The Crisis at NYU

Friday, September 13, 2:30 – 4:30 pm

Meyer Hall, Room 121 (Physics Lecture Hall)

4 Washington Place

Last spring, five faculties at NYU—as well as the union of clerical workers—voted “no confidence” in the leadership of John Sexton. Yet Sexton remains and will collect a $2.6 million bonus in two years. These no-confidence votes were based in part on opposition to Sexton’s NYU 2031 Expansion Plan, yet the administration continues to push this plan to build massively in the residential area south of Bobst Library.

Why are so many NYU faculty, students, and employees opposed to the misleadership of John Sexton? What can be done to make NYU more hospitable to students, faculty, and staff? What kind of leadership does NYU need? In short, how did we get into this mess, and how can we get out of it?

Speakers include:

Mark Crispin Miller (Media, Culture & Communication) on the fight against the Sexton Plan . . .

Andrew Ross (American Studies) on the student debt crisis . . .

Rebecca Karl (East Asian Studies & History) on the “Global Network University”: the case of NYU Shanghai . . .

Jim Uleman (Psychology) & Christine Harrington (Politics) on the fight for “shared governance” . . .

Michael Rectenwald (Liberal Studies) on the plight of contract faculty . . .


Representatives from the Graduate Student Organization Committee (GSOC) and the Student & Labor Action Movement (SLAM) . . . and more!

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