Two major advocates of medical marijuana serve as snitches for Obama’s DoJ

2013-07-31 18:30:00

Recent revelations have confirmed that national medical marijuana advocates, Thomas Daubert and Chris Lindsey, have acted as informants, furnishing the federal government with information against others within the field they purport to represent. How long they have acted as double agents within the medical marijuana industry is difficult to ascertain, but their active involvement as informers came to light as a result of their participation in a medical marijuana venture that was raided by federal authorities in 2011.

Medical marijuana activist Thomas Daubert received a five year probationary sentence in return for “substantial assistance to authorities”

Much of what gave rise to the case in which Daubert and Lindsey’s cooperation became known can be traced back to Barrack Obama’s broken promise regarding compliant state licensed medical marijuana providers. Even though specific assurances were given that he was “not going to be using Department of Justice (DOJ) resources to try to circumvent state laws,” the DOJ under Obama has conducted more than 200 SWAT-style raids and indicted in excess of 70 medical marijuana providers. Despite being fully compliant with state medical marijuana laws, those prosecuted by Obama’s DOJ face, and often receive, decades in prison.

Barak Obama’s promise to keep the DOJ out of state medical marijuana issues has been repeatedly broken by aggressive federal enforcement

Agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) raided Montana Cannabis in March of 2011. Several arrests resulted, including that of Richard Flor, a Viet Nam veteran and Montana’s first registered medical marijuana caregiver. Flor later died in federal custody after being repeatedly denied much needed medical care. Flor’s shocking treatment at the hands of federal authorities was profiled in an earlier article at Online Publishing Company,

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