Obama must pardon Don Siegelman NOW!

Former Alabama Governor Is a Political Prisoner;
President Obama, Pardon Him NOW!

Dear Supporter,

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, now in federal prison, is coming up on his one-year anniversary of unjust incarceration. Don is not a criminal. He is an American political prisoner—targeted, prosecuted, and jailed unjustly.

We need your help. Please join us in asking President Obama to pardon Don and set him free now!

One hundred and thirteen former and current Attorneys General (Republicans and Democrats) signed an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court stating that Don’s “crime” was no crime at all.

So what are the facts that put Don behind bars? Simply put, one wealthy Alabama businessman made a donation to the Alabama Democratic Party. This donation was to be used to pay off part of the debt that arose from a campaign to start a state lottery to help high school kids attend state colleges—a cause that Don was passionate about. (The campaign failed and Alabama never got a lottery). The donation was to the Alabama Democratic Party, not to Don Siegelman.

The donor was later appointed to a non-paying position on the state’s hospital board, but this was not a quid pro quo. The donor was neither a friend, nor supporter, of Don Siegelman. He had not supported Don’s gubernatorial campaign, and was not a member of Don’s political party. Moreover, the donor had been appointed to the same non-paying position by previous Republican governors of Alabama. Because of his expertise, he was simply the most logical choice for this re-appointment. The press, the media, and the public—spoon fed by the prosecutors—created a crime where no crime existed!

Now Don is serving a seven-year prison sentence, not because he is a criminal, but because he was the most popular Democrat in the South since Bill Clinton, and this threatened the GOP Southern Strategy of permanent control of state governments in the South.

This is banana republic stuff. It is shameful for The United States and our constitution. And yet it’s been effective. Don Seigelman remains in prison. And most Americans don’t even know of this injustice. If we let them lock up an innocent man because he was a popular politician who is next? You? Me?

So Don Siegelman needs your help. Together we can make President Obama hear our voices and see the signatures of 100,000 people on the petition for a pardon. Granting a pardon for Don Siegelman is not only the right thing for Obama to do, it is his duty as our president. The prerogative to pardon the innocent is a constitutional power vested in the President for a reason. Don is not guilty say 113 attorneys general. He is the victim of an effective, politically-motivated and politically engineered character assassination.

It is time for President Obama to use that power and pardon Don Siegelman—now!

Please join our massive campaign. Scream about this injustice!

On September 9th, there will be a “THUNDERCLAP” –that means the message to sign the petition for Don’s pardon will go out simultaneously on every Twitter and Facebook account of users who sign up to allow it. We will drive our Friends and Followers to the petition. We will collect the 100,000 signatures that we—Don’s supporters—have been told will force President Obama to consider the pardon and give an answer.

Perhaps all your Friends and Followers don’t like politics. They prefer that you not alert them to this sort of thing. No American wants to be alerted to scary injustice. But Don is coming up on one year in prison because he was railroaded; experts who dare speak up agree. Don’t let those who engineered this get away with making him stay there six more years. He is not politically corrupt: his persecutors are, and were.

Click here to offer your social media to THUNDERCLAP for this action on September 9. We need 100,000 signatures for Don, and with your help, we’ll have them.

In solidarity,
Mimi Kennedy, PDA Board Chair
Tim Carpenter, PDA National Director

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