More on Fukushima—what’s really going on, and what to do about it

via Carol Wolman:

Dear Friends,

The bad news is in the flurry of headlines at the end of this post.  The good news is:

1) the mainstream media is finally paying attention to Fukushima.

2) the organizing for Senate visits is well under way- to take place in late August.  Email your leader if you want to participate.  Again, the leaders are:

Washington leader:  Norm Keegel
California leader:   Marilyn Ledoux
Hawaii leader:   Geoff Shaw
Oregon leader:  Meredith Miller (note- change in Meredith’s email)

3) I’m now working with an international attorney who spent many years teaching law in Japan.  Julian Gresser specializes in environmental law.  Yesterday I sent out his paper

Carol Wolman


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