Thyroid cancer spikes in Fukushima as nuke waste poisons the Pacific Ocean (and the press ignores it) (2)

via CLG:

Nuclear contaminated Pacific Ocean may become global threat –Alarming rate of Thyroid cancer in Fukushima while tourism continues 24 Jul 2013 It has been officially confirmed. The crippled Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan is leaking highly contaminated [aka radioactive] water into the Pacific Ocean. This is continuing by the minute causing great concern not only for Japan, but for all nations bordering on the Pacific Ocean, including the United States, Canada, Russia, and most Pacific Island nations. Officials finally admitted this alarming news for the first time. Earlier this month, the tourism industry in this Japanese regions seemed to be doing fine. A new scheduled Asiana Airlines Charter Flight arrived with Korean tourists at Fukushima Airport on July 13.

TEPCO admits radioactive groundwater is leaking into the sea at Fukushima 23 Jul 2013 Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), operator of the disaster-stricken Fukushima nuclear power facility, has admitted for the first time that radioactive groundwater may be seeping out of the nuclear plant area and out into sea. In tests earlier this month, the embattled utility company said that groundwater samples have shown an increase in levels of cancer-causing cesium-134, but that the contaminated groundwater was contained at the current location by concrete foundations and steel sheets. TEPCO has changed its assessment of the situation on Monday. “We believe that contaminated [aka radioactive] water has flown out to the sea,” a TEPCO spokesman said on Monday.


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