State Dept. doesn’t know Keystone XL’s route

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The title sort of says it all, but as a quick summary, I discovered via a man by the name of Thomas Bachand – whose story I’ve covered before – that Obama’s State Dept. says it has no clue of the exact route for Keystone XL.
Why? Because the State Dept. has handed the entire process over to TransCanada. first with Cardno Entrix and now with Environmental Resources Management, Inc., a dues-paying member of the American Petroleum Institute that’s spent $22 million lobbying on KXL on top of what TransCanada’s spent lobbying on it, plus the money the two have doled out collectively to pay for public relations/propaganda efforts.
Coming full circle, this is the SEIS Obama will refer to in saying Keystone XL has no “net carbon impact,” the concept he pointed to in his Climate Action Plan address as the determining factor for KXL’s future.
Any help jamming this story out there would be greatly appreciated. There’ll be more to come on this file later in the week, as well. Cross-posts very welcome, but please direct URL link back to DeSmogBlog. Excerpt below and FB meme to share linked to and copied and pasted below, as well.

State Department Admits It Doesn’t Know Keystone XL’s Exact Route

Keystone XL's route is unknown

The State Department’s decision to hand over control to the oil industry to evaluate its own environmental performance on the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline has led to a colossal oversight.

Neither Secretary of State John Kerry nor President Barack Obama could tell you the exact route that the pipeline would travel through countless neighborhoods, farms, waterways and scenic areas between Alberta’s tar sands and oil refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast.

A letter from the State Department denying an information request to a California man confirms that the exact route of the Keystone XL export pipeline remains a mystery, as DeSmog recently revealed.

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