Huge (GOP) election fraud conviction OVERTURNED in Clay County, Kentucky

New Trial Ordered for Clay County, KY Election Officials Found Guilty in Massive Election Fraud Conspiracy, Previously Sentenced to 156 Years

Eight top election officials from Clay County, KY previously found guilty in a massive vote buying and selling conspiracy — which prosecutors charged had been run over several decades and included the manipulation of electronic voting machines in 2006 — have had their convictions overturned and a new trial ordered by a panel on the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of appeals.

The eight co-conspirators — which included the County Clerk, a Circuit Court Judge and the School Superintendent, among others — had previously been sentenced to a total of more than 156 years in federal prison following their 2009 arrest and 2010 trial and conviction over fraud carried out in the 2002, 2004 and 2006 elections.

The BRAD BLOG had covered the arrest, trial, defendent flipping, conviction and sentencing of the Clay County, KY election fraudsters in some detail over the years as each step was happening.

The group had been found guilty of complex, endemic vote buying and selling schemes carried out over many elections over several years, often meant to game the Republican primary elections in the very rural, very poor, Republican area of the Bluegrass State in a location where winning the GOP primary was usually a guarantee for also winning the general election.

The schemes became more sophisticated over the years, according to prosecution evidence and cooperating witnesses, including in 2006 when poll workers participating in the conspiracy were said to have changed the votes cast by voters on touch-screen voting machines after they’d left the “booth” on Election Day. (The same 100% unverifiable touch-screen systems, the ES&S iVotronic, which allowed for the manipulation of votes in Clay County, are still in widespread use across the country today)…

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