Don’t let News from Underground go dark!

It’s been a while since I last wrote to ask you for your help, so we can keep this service going.

If you get News from Underground—by email, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, or by visiting the blog—you have the power to help us keep it going with a small donation. We don’t need much, as we’re a very modest and efficient operation; but it does cost us a little bit to keep it up; and so, from time to time, we have to turn to you for some assistance. And such a time is now.

Now, when I say “small donation,” I do mean it. If we can get enough of our devoted readers to commit to just a couple bucks a month, we can keep News From Underground alive, and at your side throughout the many crucial fights to come. If things are tight for you right now (they’re pretty tight for most of us these days), you can arrange to have one dollar every month, or two, or five, donated automatically.

Whatever you can do will mean a lot to us, because it means you want to help us make a difference.

And, as I’ve said before, that’s what we’re trying to do—and it’s a lot. It may not take a ton of money, but it does take time and thought, and technical resources, to find the news that people need to hear,  and to present it, and explain it, in a way that makes its meaning and importance clear. By doing that daily work—and getting you to spread the word as well—we can get others to perceive that we need  radical reform (some dare call it revolution), and that such change (real change) is possible.

With your help, we can do that.

Many thanks for sticking with us, at a time when we need all the truth that we can get.

One thought on “Don’t let News from Underground go dark!”

  1. Although I hate reading the horrors of what is happening around the world, I depend on News From The Underground so that I know what is really going on.

    As one of the founders of AUDIT-AZ, the election integrity group in AZ, I know that we can’t make a change until we can assure that our vote is counted as we cast it – and allow every citizen to vote.

    One of the most important issues over which we have no control until our vote can throw out these duplicitous corrupt politicians is fracking. Please do send articles about fracking to this list. When water costs twice the amount as oil, the US will be invading new countries to get their clean water!

    Thanks Mark, for all you do!

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