Cuomo signs bill allowing use of lever machines again in NYC elections

EXCLUSIVE: Gov. Cuomo OKs use of old-fashioned lever voting machines for city elections
Gov. Cuomo signed the bill after elections officials warned that they would not have enough time to complete recounts in the event of a runoff election. Cuomo, however, called the lever machines a ‘poor solution.’
Tuesday, July 9, 2013, 8:07 AM

ALBANY — Old-fashioned lever voting machines will be making a comeback for city elections this year, the Daily News has learned.

Gov. Cuomo on Monday reluctantly signed a bill giving the city Board of Elections authority to use the machines in primary and runoff elections this year, although he called it a “poor solution” to the agency’s woes.

“Nevertheless, circumstances require that I sign this bill into law,” Cuomo wrote in a memo accompanying his approval.

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