An Independence Day wish-list

From Josh Ozersky:

Here’s what I want from Independence Day:

  • I would like to live in America again.
  • I would like fair and lawful elections, recorded by traceable paper ballots.
  • I would like the laws, whatever they are and however unfair, enforced rigorously and equally.
  • I would like the Fourth through Ninth Amendments back.
  • I would like to see everyone pay their taxes.
  • I would like a free, fighting press.
  • I would like to see our prison system run by the states,instead of being outsourced as a profit center by God knows who.
  • I would like to keep our mountains from being blown up, and our public lands closed to private development.
  • I would like a universal draft, and a rational military budget.
  • I would like an open broadcast spectrum and the purging of crackpots from the state and federal government, including the Supreme Court.

But I would settle for the laws being enforced rigorously and equally.

Josh Ozersky
Esquire, Wall Street Journal, Rachael Ray.Com, Meatopia

One thought on “An Independence Day wish-list”

  1. To have a draft would make pointless everything else on the list, because it is a more serious infringement of liberty than any unfair election, unequal enforcement of the law, or violation of the Fourth through Ninth Amendments. A draft means that the state owns your body – that you exist to serve the state, not vice versa. A draft is a form of slavery and involuntary servitude, which are prohibited by the Thirteenth Amendment. No benefit that the draft might provide could justify it. And what benefit could it provide? The usual answer is that it would make us less likely to go to war or stay at war for long periods. The last time we had a draft, we had the Vietnam war, which killed far more people than Bush’s and Obama’s wars. Nobody seems to remember that.

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