Watch your mouth or die in jail: The terrifying story of the “NATO 3”

Revealed: The Story Behind the “NATO 3” Domestic Terrorism Arrests
Friday, 21 June 2013 00:00 By Matt Stroud and Steve Horn, Truthout | Report

When local and federal police conducted a no-knock, midnight search warrant raidin May 2012 at an apartment in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood, it looked at first like a failed mission.

Yes, police seized a group of 11 political activists in Chicago to protest an international summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). But most of the arrestees were released without charge, and rumors soon began to swirl.

Police chained protesters to benches for 18 hours, one television station reported. Chicago Police Department (CPD) sources Truthout the raid would unearth Molotov cocktails – homemade firebombs made of breakable glass bottles and gasoline. But they found beer brewing equipment instead.

“If anybody would like some,” one Bridgeport tenant Truthout, “I would like to offer them a sip of my beer.”

Then things turned.

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