They’re protesting austerity all over Europe (and it’s not reported all over America)

Anti-austerity protests held across Europe
Demonstrators take to streets in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Germany as anger against continent-wide cutbacks grows.
Last Modified: 01 Jun 2013 18:06

Demonstrators across Europe have embarked on protests against government austerity measures.

Protesters took to the streets in Spain, Portugal and Greece on Saturday to direct their anger against the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the European Central Bank (ECB) while in Germany, demonstrators rallied for the second day in succession.

Protesters say they are demonstrating against the institutions’ role in pushing for austerity cutbacks as a way to fight the continent’s debt crisis.

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One thought on “They’re protesting austerity all over Europe (and it’s not reported all over America)”

  1. there are many more where that came from all over the world and the commercial media isn’t reporting on the vast majority of them. They’ve been protesting sweat shops in Cambodia, China and Bangladesh and there have been plenty of protests in Central and South America as well as trials exposing death squads with CIA connections. There are even protests here in the USA that aren’t being reported in the traditional media except perhaps at the local level without full context or addressing the issues.

    One sign of success or partial success was made in Brazil where the government agreed to meet with indigenous people protesting a damn.

    This is what leads me to believe there is a possibility of either real reform or further crackdown coming, which is what I wrote more about in the latest blog on the subject. .

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