SCOTUS whistles Dixie, while Obama shreds the Bill of Rights

From Josh Ozersky:

So depressing. All the work done by LBJ, Dr. King, and every other pioneer down the toilet.

The country has gone back to the 19th century, but with all the special evils of our time added in: universal surveillance; a virtual gulag system; corruption, both in Congress and Wall Street, on a scale undreamt of by Jay Gould; a vast standing army with a secret budget; a diseased and
scarred land, with damaged air and the very warmth of the earth turned against us; and so much more.

Who ever thought that Churchill’s fear of “a new dark age, made more sinister and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science,” would come to pass in America, of all places? A lot of people, I guess.

Josh Ozersky
Esquire, Wall Street Journal, Rachael Ray.Com, Meatopia

One thought on “SCOTUS whistles Dixie, while Obama shreds the Bill of Rights”

  1. It’s not necessary to be this gloomy. But, if you want something to be gloomy about then how about a country of 310 million people that are pulling in 310 million directions and speed? How is that for individualism?

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