Wildfires eat up California and New Mexico as “progress” rages on

From Chris Jonsson:

My family owns property in the area of the Pecos, NM fire. We are a community who love, respect, and protect the wilderness including all the living things that are indigenous to the area. We appreciate and cherish the beautiful wilderness available to us that is so rare today. This enchanted land is a place to escape civilization and recharge.

The loss of our forest is a death in our communal family. Neglect of our national infrastructure, reduced funding for government oversight to protect the people and property of the United States, and the attack on public property by corporate opportunists has reached many areas of our country, most of which are in rural areas. Those sparsely populated, remote areas have very little influence with our government. This is the sad reality of what is happening to America.
Please try and learn something from the loss of our special place in the world.

Developers will probably be knocking on our doors (if we still have them) to build condos on the land cleared by the fire. That’s progress for you.


Residents evacuated as wildfires blaze in California and New Mexico
Firefighters continue to battle flames that have charred thousands of acres and seen families ordered to leave homes
Associated Press in Albuquerque
guardian.co.uk, Sunday 2 June 2013 10.53 EDT

Firefighting teams in California and New Mexico are battling early season wildfires that have blackened thousands of acres and threatened homes and building, spurring numerous evacuations. Residents of more than 1,000 homes were ordered to leave as erratic winds pushed a wildfire closer to two foothill communities, where officials said five residences were destroyed Saturday.

Meanwhile, an uncontained blaze near Santa Fe, New Mexico, had spread to nearly 10 square miles by Saturday night, making it apparently the largest of several wildfires burning in the west as it placed the city under a blanket of haze. The thick smoke also covered the Gallinas Canyon and Las Vegas, New Mexico.

The fire in New Mexico’s Santa Fe National Forest is burning just 25 miles from the city, prompting the Red Cross to set up an emergency shelter at a nearby high school. Officials asked residents in about 140 homes, mainly summer residences, to evacuate as a crew of more than 400 battled the flames near the communities of Pecos and Tres Lagunas. Crews also cleared out campgrounds and closed trailheads in the area as they worked to prevent the fire from moving toward the capital city’s watershed and more populated areas.

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