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We have raised 75% towards our goal with just this weekend left!
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We have now raised a total of $11,200 during our 10 day drive and with only this weekend left to raise another $3,800. Project Censored is asking for your help! We thank you to all those that have contributed and if you haven’t yet now is your chance to pick a contribution gift below and help us reach our goal.

Project Censored no longer receives funding from foundations or universities. We are totally independent and rely on support from personal donors, monthly subscribers, and book sales.

donate Help Project Censored continue the work it does and make a tax deductible donation using the Donate Now button or become a Project Censored sponsor below.

Become a Project Censored sponsor today and help us reach our goal! Here is what you will get for becoming a sponsor today:

contribute-button Option #1  For a $25 contribution you will receive a Project Censored Bumper Sticker

contribute-button Option #2 For a $75 contribution you will receive a signed copy of the new Project Censored book Censored 2014:  Fearless Speech in Fateful Times (Will ship in October)

contribute-button Option #3 For a $100 donation you will receive a Project Censored T-shirt and signed copy of the new Project Censored book Censored 2014:  Fearless Speech in Fateful Times (Will ship in October)

contribute-button Option #4 For a $125 contribution you will receive the brand new DVD of “Project Censored the Movie: Ending the Reign of Junk Food News” and a Project Censored bumper sticker (Movie will be available this Fall)

contribute-button Option #5  For a $150 donation you will receive a signed copy of Censored 2014 and the DVD of  “Project Censored the Movie: Ending the Reign of Junk Food News” (Movie will be available this Fall, and Book will be available in October)

contribute-button Option #6  For donation of $200 or more you will receive the book, movie, t-shirt and bumper sticker.

What Project Censored Plans On Doing With the Funds We Raise This Summer

  • Expand Directors time to 30 hours a week- $3,600
  • Hire editor/transcriber to finish out Censored 2014 for October publishing date- $1,000
  • Prepare transcripts on the most important Project Censored Radio shows for book release Radical Journalism in the winter of 2014- $3,000
  • Finish the upgrade for newly redesigned Project Censored website- $2,500
  • Travel for staff to give talks at festival showings of Project Censored the Movie across the US- $2,000

Other Summer Project Censored Activities

  • Expanding academic affiliate links and follow-up on university outreach
  • Complete and distribute the new Project Censored research study on the Central Core of the Transnational Corporate Class
  • Attend and present at the National Federation of Community Broadcasters conference
  • Continue Project Censored Weekly Radio show on KPFA—expand affiliate stations
  • Finish Planning for the Union of Democratic Communications and Project Censored Conference this November 1-3 at the University of San Francisco
  • Expand monthly subscriber program from 180 folks to 350 by fall

As we enter our 37th year, the team at Project Censored has not only been looking back at how much we have done, but we are ever ambitiously planning ahead. We all know the state of news media in the US is in a sordid state of affairs, and we are doing all we can to support independent journalism, promote media literacy, and teach critical thinking skills on and off college campuses.

We’ve grown in terms of outreach at Project Censored, especially over the past five years. In addition to our annual book published by Seven Stories Press, there is now an incredible new Project Censored documentary hitting the film festival circuit and slated for a release this fall; we are adding affiliate professors and schools to our research ranks; we are two and a half years into our weekly radio show at KPFA Pacifica Free Speech Radio in Berkeley, CA, and we’re working on another book on Radical Journalism in the 21st Century based on our radio interviews. The only thing that hasn’t been growing is our funding, and that’s mostly due to the fact that we are not very public about our how much of the work we do is done on a shoestring budget, most of it volunteer, with very limited paid staff, and no office space. This needs to change if we are to continue challenging the top-down, corporate, managed news propaganda and ongoing truth emergency we face.

In order for us to stabilize and continue our growth trajectory into the future, we really need your help this summer. Everyone on the PC mailing list knows that we don’t do a great deal of mass appeal fund raising, and, you likely appreciate that as there are so many important nonprofits in need of support and we live in troubled economic times. But, we have to be more honest with our readers, our supporters- we think that we are one of those important nonprofits, and we need to stop acting like we can continue to do this on our own. Project Censored receives no funding from foundations or universities.

We rely totally on support from personal donors, monthly subscribers, and book sales. So we graciously ask you to possibly consider helping us in any way or amount you can so we can meet our goals as we go into our busiest time of year finishing Censored 2014: Fearless Speech in Fateful Times. We humbly thank you all for taking the time to read our appeal, and we are grateful for any support you might offer so we can continue to fight censorship, deconstruct propaganda, and support fearless speech in fateful times.

In solidarity,

Peter Phillips, president, Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored
Mickey Huff, director, Project Censored
Andy Lee Roth, associate director, Project Censored

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