Our Syrian “freedom fighters” execute a child for blasphemy

Muhammad al-Qatta, 15-Year-Old Boy, Reportedly Executed By Syrian Rebel Group For Blasphemy
The Huffington Post | By Hunter Stuart Posted: 06/10/2013 2:06 pm EDT | Updated: 06/10/2013 2:07 pm EDT

A 15-year-old boy was reportedly shot in front of his family by Syrian rebels because he used the prophet Muhammad’s name in an offensive manner.

Coffee vender Muhammad al-Qatta was abducted by rebels in the Syrian city of Aleppo Saturday night and was later returned alive with torture marks, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a London-based group with observers in Aleppo.

The gunmen then shot the boy in the head and in the neck with an automatic rifle in front of a crowd that included Qatta’s mother and father, the monitoring group added. Before shooting him, the rebels reportedly announced that cursing the prophet is a terrible vice and that others who did so would be similarly punished.

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