More Americans think Snowden is a patriot than a traitor

… but you wouldn’t know it from the Times op-ed page, or letters to the editor.


More Americans think Snowden is a patriot than a traitor
Tim Cavanaugh, Executive Editor
9:31 PM 06/12/2013

While professional politicians and the mainstream media have united in denouncing National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowden as a criminal, the American population is reserving judgment on the former Booz Allen Hamilton contractor.

According to a Reuters-Ipsos poll, 31 percent of Americans believe Snowden is a patriot, while 23 percent say he is a traitor. Some 46 percent of respondents say they have not decided.

The new poll result is an apparent rebuke to previous surveys that — using false-dichotomy questions such as asking whether Americans prefer catching terrorists to preserving constitutional privacy rights — have indicated Americans are eager to sacrifice liberty for security.

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