Kochs are trying to sabotage Maine’s renewable electricity law, because they’re not rich enough yet

Koch Brothers Try to Pollute Clean Electricity Law in Maine Through Front Organizations

Maine has one of the most advanced renewable electricity laws in the nation. Even if one can argue it doesn’t go far enough, it’s a 15-year-old example of a first-step earth-friendly electricity initiative that works.

According to Democrat Phil Bartlett, former Maine Senate majority leader writing in the Bangor Daily News,

[Since its inception 15 years ago] Maine’s Renewable Portfolio Standard has created thousands of jobs, cut down on harmful pollution and helped to keep more of Mainers’ energy dollars in the state. Requiring 30 percent of the state’s energy providers’ electricity sales to come from renewables such as wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydroelectric power, it has also led to tremendous investment by renewable energy companies that are paying more than $17 million annually in property taxes and employing more than 2,500 Mainers.

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