Would the Orlando Sentinel really be all that much worse if the Kochs owned it?

Koch problem: Can the dailies really quit?
May 7, 2013
By Steve Schneider

A few years ago, I went to one of those MoveOn house parties where the featured entertainment was a screening of Robert Greenwald’s documentary Outfoxed. A bunch of us Orlando-area libs sat and watched in horrified fascination as Greenwald laid out the way in which the Fox News Channel had established itself as a disinformation tool of the extremist right.

When the movie was over, I was approached by an acquaintance who was then working for the Orlando Sentinel. “I feel so guilty,” she said. She added something about serving Satan; I can’t recall the exact wording. But I knew what she meant: Even though she was merely a contributor to the Sentinel’s arts-and-entertainment offering, not its news or (God forbid!) editorial pages, she was in her own way helping to further a regressive, reactionary worldview that wouldn’t have been terribly out of place on Fox. And she felt just awful about it.

I wanted to answer, “Yet you keep cashing the checks.” Instead, I muttered something I hoped would fall between empathy and absolution. The attitude I had then was the one I have now: Anybody who is willing to suspend his principles for something as remuneratively minor as a print-media job in Orlando, Florida, is just an awfully cheap date.

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