Scott Walker, Rick Perry and Rick Scott all love MOOCs, because they DON’T teach how to think outside the box (or think at all)

The War on the Humanities Has Three Fronts (Part 1: The Right Wing)
April 28, 2013
by Karen Michalson

OK, maybe more than three. Maybe a lot more. But these three sola are doing a fantastic job without any help:

The right wing generally (see, for example, its latest obsession with MOOCs)
Higher education (which is basically a quisling for Corporate America)
Artists themselves (this one merits its own blog, let alone a blog post)

So what are MOOCs and why are right wing governors obsessed with them?

MOOC stands for Massive Open On-line Course. A MOOC is an on-line course that offers no college credit and no individual interaction with the instructor. Many MOOCs are free. If you have a burning desire to learn about life sciences, you can go to edX and, in seconds, sign up for “Introduction to Biology” from MIT. Interested in ways of thinking about the last century? Check out “Ideas of the 20th Century” from UTAustin and learn how “philosophy, art, literature and history shaped the last century and the world today.”

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